R Tutorial Series

What is R?

R is a computer language that is useful for data analysis, statistical computing, and data vizualization. Unlike its expensive competitors like STATA, R is free to download under the GNU General Public License. You can check out the R Homepage for more information.

While you can create and run R scripts directly in a command line setup after downloading R as a standalone product, it is far easier and more robust to use RStudio, an interface environment (or "skin") for writing R code. If you ran the CRON scripts on your machine, R and RStudio are both already installed. If not, download instructions for both R and RStudio are includeded in Tutorial 1 below.


Developed by Jeff Rosenblum for the Spring 2015 11.220 QR course, this tutorial series will take you through many of the basic data analysis and statistics tools that R provides. Each link will download a zipped folder containing a PDF of the tutorial and a CSV of the data used therein. In some cases, due to a weird glitch when printing PDFs of R scripts, some text has been cutoff. In these cases, an R-Markdown file (which can be opened directly in RStudio) has been included.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Survey Analysis
  3. Reference Class Forecasting
  4. Central Limit Theorem
  5. Regression
  6. Difference in Difference
  7. Regression Diagnostics

Additional Resources

The following are additional PDF resources for the basics of R and some of its most popular packages.


Tutorials and Resources prepared by Jeff Rosenblum

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