DUSP GIS Data Drive (The ‘M’ Drive)

Connecting to the 'M' Drive in DUSP

The DUSP Community Data Resource: DUSP GIS DATA DRIVE

What is it?:

The DUSP GIS Data Drive (aka The ‘M’ Drive, or DATAFORT) is a repository of geospatial data maintained for DUSP students, staff, and faculty. It is a supplement to the GIS resources maintained by the MIT Libraries (see http://libguides.mit.edu/gis). It contains a wide range of datasets that are available for use by the DUSP community. Given the diversity of resources on the DUSP GIS Data Drive, please review any documentation and metadata carefully, and contact DUSP GIS Specialist Mike Foster with any questions.

How to Access:

The DUSP GIS Data Drive is also known as ‘The ‘M’ Drive’ and is maintained as a network drive hosted on a CRON server, separate from the Athena file system. To access the drive, you must map a “network drive.”

  • On campus computers should be able to connect using the instructions below. These include computers in a CRON lab, laptops connected to the “MIT” WiFi network, or other on-campus computers.
  • Off campus computers will need to first install the MIT Virtual Private Network (VPN) by following the instructions here: http://ist.mit.edu/vpn. Once you ‘log on’ to the MIT network via VPN the instructions provided below should work.

PC Instructions

  1. Go to My Computer or Computer (Win7)
  2. Select “Map Network Drive”
  3. Select ‘M’ for the Drive letter
  4. For the Folder, enter the following path:
    • \\win.mit.edu\dfs\departmental\dusp\gisdata
  5. You may be prompted for a username and password. For a username enter: YourAthenaUsernameHere@win.mit.edu. For a password enter your Athena password.
  6. After a short delay the drive should appear in the list of available drives.

Mac Instructions

  1. From Finder select Go > Connect to Server
  2. For server address type:
    • smb://win.mit.edu/dfs/departmental/dusp/gisdata
  3. When prompted for a login, type your Athena username and password

Adding your Data:

The ‘M’ drive is configured to be read only, to contribute a dataset please contact Mike at mjfoster@mit.edu .


Prepared by Mike Foster

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