Most of the DUSPviz workshops and sessions are preserved as tutorials for reference, this page contains DUSPviz tutorials and workshop materials, including videos, handouts, and datasets. While we try to get all material online, certain material does not lend itself to posting. Contact DUSPviz if you have a suggestion for a tutorial or resource, or to request material that might not be online.

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Websites and Web Development

Getting Started with Web Pages

Tutorials and workshops geared towards web programming, website hosting, development, and web design.

Using FTP to Access your Athena Locker

Development Environments

External Web Hosting (using WebFaction)

Working with 3D

Rhino and Grasshopper

GIS Mapping

Working with GIS at DUSP



PostGIS and PostgreSQL

Rhino and Grasshopper


Recommended Additional Tutorials

Web Mapping

Web Map 101

Web Map Workshop

A nine session long series on web mapping. Links to the individual sessions can be found here, additional information and resources can be found on the Web Map Workshop Series Homepage

  1. Intro to Websites (HTML and CSS)
  2. Website Frameworks and Templates
  3. Web Map Fundamentals and Make a Basic Leaflet Map
  4. An Introduction to JavaScript
  5. JavaScript Interactions and Leaflet
  6. Map Symbolization, Custom Icons, and User Interface
  7. An Intro to Databases and PostGIS: CARTO SQL API
  8. Data Collection with PHP and CARTO SQL API
  9. Use NodeJS to create a Basic Database API

Web Mapping Resources

Scripting and Coding

Using APIs



D3 Basics

D3 Workshop

A four session long series on D3. Links to the individual sessions can be found here, additional information and resources can be found on the D3 Workshop Homepage

  1. Make a Bar Chart: An Introduction to D3 and Data Binding
  2. Scatterplots and More: Working with Scales and Domains
  3. Engage the User! Interactions, Animations, and Transitions
  4. Mapping Data with D3


Processing JS

Design Software and Help

Research Posters

Adobe Creative Suite

Design Tips and Tricks

Freeware Alternatives to Adobe

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access - SQL

Drafting Software


Data Management and Analysis

Google Fusion Tables

Working with R

Tableau Public