Welcome to the SPURS Fellows GIS Workshop! Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful tools for managing spatial data. Because of the ability to collect, store, and analyze spatial data and display data on a map, GIS is an important tool in many fields, including planning and architecture. This is a five-day long short course in GIS, consisting of two lecture hours and two lab hours a day for a total of 20 hours. The goal of this workshop is to introduce some of the fundamentals and concepts in the field, and allow students to familiarize with terms and software.


Syllabus and Overview

Meeting Time

  • Lecture - 10:00am-Noon
  • Lunch - Noon-1:00pm
  • Lab Exercise - 1:00-3:00pm

Supplemental Documents

Share with your Classmates! Notes and Links

The following Google Doc is a public Google doc we can update daily with resources and materials relevant to the exercise materials and topics. GIS Workshop Notes and Links

Contact Mike Foster (mjfoster@mit.edu) with questions.

Workshop Schedule

Each workshop is designed to be taken in order.

Supplemental Materials on Web Mapping with Google and CartoDB, Geocoding, and Network Analysis will be provided to students. Questions, please email Mike Foster at mjfoster@mit.edu.

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