Eric Rosbky Huntley |
Technical Instructor of GIS, Data Visualization, and Graphics

Eric is a designer, social scientist, and geographer who teaches GIS and Data Visualization for the Department of Urban Studies and Planning.


Yael Nidam |
DUSPViz Research Assistant

Yael is a designer and urban planner whose interests span visual representation, data-driven visualizations supporting climate adaptation, and desert urbanism.

Team Members

Collaborators and Former DUSPviz Team Members
  • Stephen Kennedy, MCP - Founding Member
  • Merran Swartwood, MCP - Founding Member
  • Richard Suarez, MCP - Founding Member
  • Minjee-Clara Kim, MCP
  • Andrew Turco, MCP
  • Ali Sheppard, MCP
  • Christopher Rhie, MCP
  • Annemarie Gray, MCP
  • Michael Waldrep, MCP
  • Anson Stewart, MCP
  • Ryan Cook, MCP
  • Alice Davis, MCP
  • Allegra Fonda-Bonardi, MCP
  • Ben Golder, MCP/MArch
  • David Newsome, MCP
  • Jossie Ivanov, MCP
  • Andres Achury, MCP
  • Luke Mich, MCP
  • Laura Krull, MCP


We'd love to hear your ideas for workshops, resources, and programs related to visualization, communication, design, and data analysis. Feel free to contact the DUSPviz team directly or stop by office hours.